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Local Elections 2014

by Colin Green on 13 May, 2014

Birmingham is suffering at the hands of Labour.  Our streets are dirtier.  Garden waste is piling up and we’re being forced to pay more for the privilege.  The council is wasting money with one hand and clawing it back through cuts with the other.  It’s a disgrace.  Labour’s green waste tax is a blatant stealth tax.  It is causing our city to be littered with uncollected refuse.  There are hour long waits at recycling centres as people queue to dispose of their own green waste.  Yet Labour refuse to listen to people who are angry at basic services being cut.

The Lib Dems have been talking to people all across the constituency and we’re listening to what you say.  We will fight to protect our city, its people and the services the council ought to provide.  Our top priorities are reintroducing green waste collections, protecting public services and tackling Birmingham’s housing shortage.

We will restart green waste collections straight away and will clean up our city’s streets.

We will protect local services like Ring and Ride, Moseley Road Baths and Tiverton Rd Pool, paid for by making wheelie bins optional.

We will boost desperately needed housing numbers by releasing more land for house building and by stepping up the drive to bring 5000 empty houses back into use.

The Labour run council has been a disaster for Birmingham.  There has been a public outcry at their unnecessary cuts but they just won’t listen.  But you have another way to make yourself heard.

Send Labour a Message. Vote Lib Dem on 22nd May.

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